Siena Single Bar Heated Rail (850mm)

RRP: $280.00

Transformer required (up to 2 bars per transformer)

  • Barcode: 9339897002738
  • Material: S/Steel
  • Finish: Hand Polished
  • Watts: 28
  • IP : 55
  • V: 11.5ac
  • Up to 3 Bars /Transformer
  • Left Hand Hard Wire



Click HERE for Hardwire Installation Instructions
***Note: All hardwire installations must be conducted by a licensed electrician

Care Instructions


  • Regularly cleaning your Siena Bar Heated Towel Rail will keep it gleaming for years.
  • Start by dissolving a small amount of mild liquid detergent in warm water.
  • Using a soft cotton cloth, submerge in mixture and wring out, so cloth is damp.
  • Wipe down all Stainless Steel parts of your heated towel rail.
  • Go back over with a clean microfibre cloth, following the grain to achieve a sparkling finish.

Technical Information

Linsol Siena Single Bar Heated Towel Rail JY-SQ-850View PDFDownload PDF


Warranty: 15 Years Replacement Warranty

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