• Made in Italy
  • 25 Year In House Warranty

Madi Wall Top Assemblies

RRP: $369.00

Bring a luxurious touch to your bathroom with the Madi Wall Top Assemblies. Made from Chrome plated or electroplated Grey Wolf solid brass, the wall assemblies are both durable and elegant. To make them easy to hold, the assemblies’ handles are flat, wide, and slightly angled. Each handle has a half turn setup for quick adjustments. 65mm x 65mm trouble domes also available separately.

This item cannot be purchased online.

Technical Information

Maintenance & Care


  • A soft cloth is ideal for cleaning all chrome/electro-plated tapware.
  • Never use an abrasive or harsh substance. Use only mild liquid detergent to remove built-up and tough surface film.
  • Regular cleaning with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth will keep your wall top assemblies looking as good as the day you installed it.


  • All tapware must be installed by a licensed plumber.
  • All tapware must be installed to AS/NZS 3500 Series Standards.
  • Isolating stop valve must be installed with all applicable tapware.
  • All new connections must be flushed before installing any tapware to remove and shavings or impurities from water lines.
  • If the incoming water pressure exceeds 1200kpa an approved pressure limiting valve must be used.
  • This tapware has not been tested for water pressure under 150kpa.

**Failure to comply with any of the above will void all warranties.

Spindle Extension Available HERE.
Trouble Domes Available HERE.