• 5 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Lead Free
  • Marine Grade

EzyFlow 110 Square Tile Insert Grate

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Technical Information

Maintenance & Care

To help maintain the appearance and function of your purchase, we offer the following as a guide.

Cleaning & Care:

  • A soft cotton or microfibre cloth is ideal for cleaning all Hand Polished, PVD and brushed stainless steel floor wastes.
  • Regular cleaning using warm water is recommended to prevent the accumulation of dirt, lime scale and other surface build up, allowing for lifetime use.
  • Use mild, diluted, liquid cleaning agents specifically developed for the surface being cleaned. The dosage of the cleaning agent and working time should be adapted based to the level of dirt. Rinse all fittings thoroughly with water after use of such agents.
  • For the best result, polish drainage fittings with a soft cloth.
  • For coloured finishes (Brushed Brass, Matte black etc) apply light pressure and wipe in unidirectional motions.

Do NOT use:

  • An abrasive or harsh substance.
  • Cleaning agents with light, volatile acids such as but not limited to hydrochloric acid or acetic acid. This will cause strain to the surface resulting in pitting, stress marks etc.
  • Scouring powders or abrasive cleaning fluids.
  • Cleaning agents containing chlorides or halides. Example: Fluoride, Iodine etc
  • Any abrasive sponges, pads, or materials.
  • Disinfectants to clean stainless steel drainage solutions.