Carbono 27L x 2 with LED Sensor Lights

RRP: $2,699.00

The sleek and stylish Carbono Double Bowl Top Mount Sink is a great choice for the modern kitchen, with bold lines, contemporary design, and a sophisticated black finish. This Carbono Sink is made from Cristadur (80% quartz) for reliable durability. With its true natural silver ions, this top mount sink has anti-bacterial hygiene protection to inhibit up to 95% bacterial growth on its surface. The Corbono sink’s Nanoclean effect means dirt and bacteria can’t adhere to the surface, thanks to its fine nanostructure construction. The added style and function of the LED touch censored lights offers 50,000+ hours of running time.

  • Code: 38517/120/LED_VAR
  • Category:
  • Dirt Repel
  • Food Safe
  • Heat Proof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Odour Free
  • Pro Hygenic21
  • Stain Resistant
  • Made in Germany


Tramontina Quartz Sinks The consumer/installer:

  • MUST first check all components are supplied with the product.
  • MUST always use the physical measurements for cut-outs and have the sink readily avaliable. Manufacturers templates supplied are a guide and are not to be considered as 100% accurate.
  • MUST always check the sink for imperfections or fault before installation. Costs incurred to deliver and install a replacement will be the obligation of the customer.

By installing the sink, the consumer consents that the product is free of blemishes and faults; including but not limited to scratches, cracks, discolouration and chips. Tramontina’s Quartz Sink Warranty will be void if:

  1. The consumer in unable to produce proof of purchase or equal documentation
  2. The sink is not installed by a qualified plumber, stonemason, or cabinet maker. All plumbing aspects must be installed by a licensed plumber.
  3. Failure to install the product according to Australian Standards and State Regulations.
  4. Modifications have been implemented to the product not in compliance with original factory specifications.
  5. Scratches, chips, cracks and discolouration are not inclusive in Tramontina’s manufacturer’s warranty. Tramontina’s “Care Instructions” must be adhered to.
  6. Damage is incurred to the product during installation, transportation or delivery.
  7. Misuse, negligence, incorrect maintenance or other abuses or the product are the causes of damage.
  8. The sink’s serial number has been disfigured, tampered with or changed.
  9. Damage to the sink is a result of chemical or physical products. Including but not limited to detergents, cast iron, metallic scourers, steel wool, bleaches, solvents, drain cleaning products and other chemicals or items that could lead to staining, discolouring or damage to the sink.

NOTE** Warranty is NOT transferrable.

Technical Information

  • Linsol Carbono 27L x 2 with LED Sensor Lights 38517/120/LEDView JPG
  • Raw Material: Cristadur® (80% quartz, the hardest constituent of granite)
  • Colour: Carbono (black)
  • Optional Sensor LED lights – life time replacement warranty (50,000 hours life expectancy) 3.6 Watts – 60 lm/W
  • Made in Germany
  • Tramontina Sinks exclusive to Linsol
  • Food-safe, due to antibacterial hygiene protection system.
  • Antibacterial hygiene protection, obtained true natural silver ions, which inhibits 95% bacterial growth.
  • Nanoclean effect, it’s a fine nanostructure that makes impossible dirt and bacteria to stick to the surface, due to the space between the material/structure which is so small dirt cannot adhere to the surface.
  • The material’s ultra-fine structure means dirt that could be a breeding ground for bacteria finds it impossible to stick to the surface.

Care Instructions

Tramontina Quartz Sinks – Care Instructions Maintaining your Tramontina Quartz Sink:

  • After using the sink you should wash any residual dirt off the surface. Then wipe it dry with a cloth.
  • You can use ordinary household cleaners, such as washing-up liquid to clean your sink.
  • Do NOT use any products that consist of a rough surface including but not limited to steel wool & scrubbing brushes.
  • Do NOT use chemicals or solvents that could cause discolouration or deterioration.

Removing stubborn dirt and ground in stains:

  • Dissolve no more than 2 portions of dishwasher detergent in 3 litres of water. Apply the solution to the dirt or stains and leave to soak in, preferably overnight. Rinse with plenty of clear water and dry with a cloth.

Removing sauce, coffee, tea & food colouring stains:

  • Treat the surface with ordinary washing-up liquid and a soft, non-scratch sponge.