Allegra Single Bar Heated Rail (450mm)

RRP: $269.00

We have our own ways of rejuvenating ourselves. Some of us like to soak in the tub with a glass of wine and some fine music in the background; and it works, until you reach for the towel and feel your warm fingers quiver at the feel of the cold towel. We bring the perfect solution to make sure you step out fresh and cozy after your bath with our range of Heated Towel Rails. Looking for sleek and compact? We recommend the Allegra Single bar Heated Rail, that is made of quality stainless steel and is hand polished to flawlessness. Allegra consumes minimum power while consistently keeping your towels dry and comfy for you. It is timer compatible and comes with a 15 years replacement warranty.

  • IP55
  • Stainless Steel
  • Timer Compatible
  • 15 Year Replacement Warranty


Warranty: 15 Years Replacement Warranty

Click HERE for Warranty and Safety Information

Technical Information

Linsol Single Bar Heated Towel Rails require the Linsol Transformer, sold separately.

** It is strongly suggested that leading work is not commenced until product is on site.

Care Instructions


  • Regularly cleaning your Allegra Single Bar Heated Towel Rail will keep it gleaming for years.
  • Start by dissolving a small amount of mild liquid detergent in warm water.
  • Using a soft cotton cloth, submerge in mixture and wring out, so cloth is damp.
  • Wipe down all Stainless Steel parts of your heated towel rail.
  • Go back over with a clean microfibre cloth, following the grain to achieve a sparkling finish.


Click HERE for Hardwire Installation Instructions ***Note: All hardwire installations must be conducted by a licensed electrician