Our Exclusive finish, bringing a new dimension to stainless steel.

Our Foster Satin Finish represents the maximum expressive form of stainless steel; this finish gives every part of the bowls and sinks a seamless, perfect look, thus endowing your washing station with unique and distinctive character.

This is where our Foster PVD process begins. The satin finished steel, is then submitted to a special treatment known as Physical Vapor Deposition or "PVD". During this physical process, a superior quality metallic film is applied to the steel surface, giving us 3 exclusive colours;
  • Gun Metal
  • Copper
  • Gold
FOSTER VintageGunMetaldetails
FOSTER VintageGolddetails

Physical Vapor Deposition

Foster PVD is the exclusive finish obtained through a physical process, endowing stainless steel with special aesthetically features. While at the same time a resistance superior to that of any other treatment.

Foster PVD is a special finish that gives special features to a specifically selected steel; in particular, Foster PVD confers to stainless steel enhanced properties of:
  • Exceptional Superficial Hardness
  • Resistance to Abrasion and Wear
  • Resistance to Corrosion, Solvent and Food with high acidity
  • Insensitivity to UV Rays
  • Ecological Compatibility

The process to obtain the Foster PVD finish is totally Hypoallergenic.

The Process

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition.

The process takes place inside a vacuum chamber where a precious metal, generally chromium, titanium or vanadium, is evaporated and the particles deposited on the product intended to coat.

The process takes places because the chromium titanium particles have high kinetic energy and move within an electric field. The different is applied to the product to be coated; making the process physical, not chemical.

PVD technology has different applications and allows us to obtain very high physical and mechanical characteristics according to the need of the product. Foster PVD is the application of this technology to our range to obtain truely high performing products.

The main mechanical characteristics of Foster PVD products are: .
  • High Hardness; 10 X More then Stainless Steel
  • High Resistance to scratching and abrasion
FOSTER VintageCopperdetails


Foster PVD is applicable to all our stainless steel sinks manufactured by Foster in Italy.

The Foster Satin finish is obtained through a careful process of brushing using exclusive vegetal brushes developed by Foster to obtain an extra-fine brushing. This makes the finish even more functional, because with such a low rugosity, makes cleaning easier.

Satin Finish

The Foster Satin Finish is a precious surface that features seamless and an uninterrupted, very fine grain on the full surface of your sink. This spectacular finish, coupled with PVD, makes your kitchen even more precious.


Vintage Finish

The Foster Vintage Finish refracts a retro touch to the surface of your sink, offering you a surface that does not fear the wear and tear of day to day. The asymmetrical brushing obtained mimics the signs of passing time and gives the sink a new and original appeal. Paired with the PVD finish, this look endows your workspace with a unique personality.


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